Our Story

Eunoia Publishing was established in 2009 by five writers who are passionate about literature. Publishing has been going through major changes all over the globe and New Zealand, with its small population and geographic isolation, has been one of the first to have to meet and successfully overcome these challenges.

We are committed to ensuring that our wonderful creative fiction and non-fiction authors are given the exposure they deserve, both in New Zealand and elsewhere. Our message appears to have resonated with authors and independent publishers in many cultures. We have therefore been expanding rapidly and forming close culturally significant partnerships with publishing houses in New Zealand and in other countries.

Publishing is not about size but about vision and commitment. As writers ourselves, and as people with a broad range of experience in many other careers, we bring a unique, innovative, collaborative approach to our authors' work, to our publishing partners here and overseas, and to incorporating the best of new technologies and business practices.

Reading is one of the most significant engagements that minds of all ages and backgrounds can make. When we read, we engage not only with an author but with other places, cultures, times and philosophies. Most of all we engage with the imagination and creativity of not only the author, but our own minds.